3. The Six Thematic Modules

Next to the Student Project Groups, there are six Thematic Modules:

1. Responsible Innovation. Introduction (TUDelft)

2. Innovation and Interface Management (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

3. Global Citizenship (Leiden University)
In this course you will first be introduced to the fundamentals of international relations and diplomacy. The first 6 weeks are offered in the form of a MOOC: Changing Global Order. After this introduction you will focus on the subject of Data for Humanity. (Big) Data is currently used for intelligence (NSA) and for advertisement (Google adds), but can we utilize its potential for the social good.

4. Responsible management of Risk and Safety (TUDelft)

5. (Responsible) Innovation Management (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

6. Ethics, culture and biotechnology (Leiden University)


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