7. FAQ

Q: I am interested in this minor, how do I register?
A: You can register for this minor at your own university. Please visit the minor webpage of your own university (Leiden University; Delft University of TechnologyErasmus University Rotterdam).

Q: For whom is this minor?
A: The minor is open to all third-year bachelor student of the three universities. Students from Rotterdam take only the first part in Q1 (15 ECTS). Students from Delft and Leiden can take both quarters making up a 30 ECTS minor.

Q: Do I have access to the facilities at all of the three universities?
A: Yes. We will make sure you get registered at the three universities. This means you get a student number at each of the universities. Therefor you will be able to use the facilities at each university.

Michael quote

Q: Where can I find the course information, study materials, handouts etc.? 
A: For this minor we use CourseSites. CourseSites is the open version of Blackboard and therefore very similar to Blackboard. Here you can find all the necessary information and study materials for the courses. You will get an invitation to join us on CourseSites after you registered.

Q: Do I have to travel between the three universities?
A: Yes. It is even possible that you have a lecture in the morning at Delft University of Technology, and in the afternoon a lecture at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Of course we make sure there is enough time to travel between the universities.

Q: Is it possible to follow only one of the courses?
A: No, that is not possible. The minor is a consistent package of courses designed to help you build your knowledge in a logical and connected way.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Please contact Phil Robichaud (minor coordinator) at P.J.Robichaud@tudelft.nl.


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