Minor Responsible Innovation

cropped-rtemagicc_lde_ri_v7_jpg.jpgSuccessful companies innovate and innovation can bring a lot of good to society, but it may harm as well. The challenge is to innovate in a responsible way: beneficial both to business and society.  Then many stakeholders and many aspects have to be addressed so  an interdisciplinary approach is needed.

In this minor we combine the unique knowledge and skills of the three universities of Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam. Each university contributes its own specific focus and expertise on Responsible Innovation. The students and teachers come from the different universities, and bring with them specific knowledge and perspectives from their universities.

Complete Minor Study Guide available here!

Do you have questions about the minor? Please contact Dr. Caroline Nevejan (minor coordinator) at C.I.M.Nevejan@tudelft.nl.

We aim at students who are passionate about understanding dilemmas in responsible innovation. The minor encourages students to think about the people, planet and profit aspects of potential innovations. The following common features describe our target group: – Societal conscious: you have a vision to understanding dilemmas in responsible innovation; – Entrepreneurial spirit: you are open minded with a flexible and proactive attitude; – Value-driven: you have a wish to contribute to financial, ecological and social sustainability. We are looking for a high diversity of interests and backgrounds, in order to have strong cross-disciplinary teams with higher and more effective innovation capacity!

Register at your own university:

You can register here if you are a student from Leiden University
You can register here if you are a student from Delft University of Technology
You can register here if you are a student from Erasmus University Rotterdam

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